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Sen. Katie Britt releases memoir on journey from the Wiregrass to Washington

On Monday, U.S. Senator Katie Britt (R-Alabama) released her book, “God Calls Us to do Hard Things: Lessons from the Alabama Wiregrass.” The junior Senator from Alabama is the youngest Republican woman, and currently the only with school-aged children, to be elected to the United States Senate.

She’s making good on that dynamic with a fast track to leadership, and even being recognized as a potential vice presidential candidate along the way. She’s taking her story on the road as she promotes her new book.

In the memoir released on Tuesday, Britt shares candid advice for how to overcome personal challenges, appreciate blessed moments, and keep an unshakeable faith in God, family and country.

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Britt shares her hard-earned life lessons and common-sense advice that Britt gained from her experiences. Topics and themes include focusing us on what you can control, being unafraid to fail while also taking criticism and tough love, being a change agent — not a title holder, and leaning into the small stuff of details and process

“A lot of times we see the peaks of people’s lives, especially in the age of social media,” Britt said Tuesday on Fox & Friends. “But in this book, I talk about my valleys because I believe that’s where God carved you and, honestly- no matter how you got there, you will be more willing to walk forward and share his purpose for you.”

“Every day I get up and work hard in the United States Senate for the next generation and for the people of Alabama,” Britt said on CBS Morning Monday.

The book available on Amazon and in retail stores. Katie Britt previously wrote: ‘Katie Britt: the Biography’ which is also still available.

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Katie Boyd grew up in Enterprise, where her parents ran small businesses including a hardware store and dance studio. She is a graduate of Enterprise High School where she excelled academically. She went to the University of Alabama where she rose to President of the Student Government Association.

While in college, she interned with Senator Richard Shelby’s office. That turned into a position on Shelby’s staff down the road, where she ultimately served as Chief of Staff.

In college, Katie married Wesley Britt, a native of Cullman. Wesley excelled in football at the University of Alabama where he played offensive line and competed for national championships. After college, Wesley was drafted by the New England Patriots.

The couple returned to the University of Alabama for Katie to pursue a law degree and for Wesley to pursue a graduate degree. While there, their home was destroyed by the 2011 tornado that devastated much of the college town. The young family narrowly survived the tornados that killed over 200 Alabamians that day.

In 2021, Shelby announced that he would retire at the end of his current term. After much consideration, prayer, and contemplation the couple decided to give up their lucrative careers out of a call to service to Alabama and the country, she describes in the book.

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Pursuing the Senate seat was a daunting task. Katie Britt had never held an elected office before – outside of her SGA experience. Former Congressman Mo Brooks was the frontrunner for the position; and he was well liked by the conservative base of the Republican party. Self-made multi-millionaire Lindy Blanchard was also running for the position, as political outsider and war hero Mike Durant.

The campaign was long, expensive, and personally taxing. Former President Donald J. Trump initially endorsed Brooks. The relationship between the two became strained and eventually Trump withdrew his endorsement of Brooks.

Blanchard, who was polling around fourth place, despite spending millions of dollars in the race withdrew to challenge popular incumbent Governor Kay Ivey. Durant surged in the polling, but revelations that the New Hampshire native spent much of his time at his homes in Maryland and Colorado, rather than in Alabama where his company is located, caused him to slide into obscurity. Trump then intervened and endorsed a surging Britt who was already well on her way to victory.

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