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7 Things: Britt’s strong words for Hamas as hostages released; Decatur arresting traffic blockers; and more …

7. An off-duty pilot has been charged with 83 counts of attempted murder for trying to cut off the engine of an airplane.

6. It is possible Alabama could have its “first transgender elected official,” which is very exciting for some if they win a Democrat primary today. In the most recent ad in the race for State House District 55, Sylvia Swain attacked Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall as “extremist” for his views on transgender surgery for children (he’s against it).

5. Alabama State Treasurer Young Boozer responded to claims by Birmingham-Southern College and added that the use of the word “may” instead of “shall” gives him the ability to deny the loan, a reason to deny the loan (not enough collateral), and that there is no relief on that a judge can provide.

4. The White House is trying its best to make an argument that anti-Muslim sentiment is just as rampant as anti-Semitism, even though there is zero evidence of this. To show how absurd this is, there have even been middle school students attacked who are being asked to sign NDAs.

3. The city of Decatur seems to have had enough of its protestors hijacking their city every day and will seek to arrest those who blocked bridge traffic last Friday. Good.

2. Hamas appears to have a strategy for their hostage releases, do a few at a time, for “compelling humanitarian reasons,” and have the rest of the world lean on Israel about their coming ground offensive. The U.S. is playing along so this could work.

1. Alabama’s junior U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) had a message for Hamas during her trip to Israel, “Iran, Hamas – we stand here today to tell you that we are unafraid. We stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel. We will take you down.”

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